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Here, the horizons are breathtaking. The Burgundian landscapes offer a mosaic of colours, tinged with softness, splendour and richness.

Everything is there, from wild and wooded valleys to ponds and lakes, passing by stone and granite facades. In this forgotten space, nature takes over and paints us sumptuous pictures, mixed between streams, rivers and meadows. You will also be able to detect a marvellous history, built around traditions and know-how.

Indeed, Burgundy is not only the (fabulous) department of the Côte d’Or, with its famous climats, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the Yonne and the Nièvre, whose marvels we are going to evoke.

Thus, Le Domaine des Carriers offers you the opportunity to discover an area adjacent to your accommodation, whether you stay for 3 days, 2 weeks or 1 month

Our Recommendations

In the Nièvre

Les Roches de Basseville

    58500 Surgy
  13 minutes

The vineyard of Pouilly-sur-Loire

   Le Château de Tracy, 58150 Tracy-sur-Loire
  51 minutes

A traditional boat trip on the Loire

    Rue de la Loir, 18320 Marseilles-lès-Aubigny
  49 minutes

The town of Charité-sur-Loire

   58400 La Charité-sur-Loire
  49 minutes

Marais d'Andryes
Andryes Marsh © Le Marais d’Andryes

The Marsh of Andryes

    Etang de Cornoy, D 39 89480 Andryes
  17 minutes

Bazoches Castle

    Château de Bazoches, 58190 Bazoches
  28 minutes

The Collancelle vaults

     Étang de Baye, 58110 Bazolles
  39 minutes

The scale of the 16 locks

    58800, Sardy-lès-Epiry
  34 minutes

Village d'Apremont sur Allier
Village of Apremont sur Allier

Arthel’s Castle

    72 Le Bourg, 58700 Arthel
  32 minutes

The hill of Montenoison

    D513, 58700 Montenoison
  32 minutes

The Guétin Canal Bridge

     Rue des écluses, 18150 Cuffy
  1 hour 12

The village of Apremont-sur-Allier

    18150 Apremont-sur-Allier
  1 hour 15

Château de Bazoches
Bazoches Castle

In the Yonne

The village of Vezelay

    89450, Vézelay
  20 minutes

Pierre-Perthuis bridges

    89450, Pierre-Perthuis
  27 minutes

The village of Noyers-sur-Serein

    89310, Noyers-sur-Serein
  56 minutes

The castle of Ancy-le-Franc

    18, place Clermont-Tonnerre, 89005 Ancy-le-Franc
  1 hour 15

Le Vignoble de Chablis
The Chablis Vineyard

Ratilly Castle

    Château de Ratilly, 89520 Treigny-Perreuse-Sainte-Colombe
  43 minutes

The medieval site of Guédelon

    D955, 89520 Treigny
  46 minutes

Boutissaint Park

    Parc de Boutissaint, 89520 Treigny
  46 minutes

The castle of Saint-Fargeau

    Place du Château, 89170 Saint-Fargeau
  48 minutes

Village de Vezelay
Village of Vezelay

The village of Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines

    89148, Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines
  24 minutes

The cellars of Bailly La Pierre

    3 quaie de l’Yonne, 89530 Saint-Bris-le-Vineux
  42 minutes

The city of Auxerre

    89000, Auxerre
  45 minutes

The Chablis vineyard

    1 Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 89800 Chablis
  1 hour

Château de Saint-Fargeau
Castle of Saint-Fargeau

At the foot of the Domaine des Carriers

Village of Chevroches © Teddy Verneuil

The village of Chevroches

Chevroches is a charming village whose streets are lined with stone houses. It is built on a hillside above the Nivernais Canal. Its location in the middle of the forest makes it particularly quiet and restful.

As you leave the estate, on the left, you can take the path of Charles Loupot, a French poster and graphic artist who previously owned a country house in Chevroches. It will lead you to the pretty Place de l’Eglise.

Further down, narrow streets lead you to the Canal du Nivernais, only 800 metres from the estate. Once used to transport timber and stone, it is now used solely for tourism. In summer, many pleasure boats and barges ply its course and stop for the night. A cycle route allows you to walk or cycle along it in the direction of Clamecy (4 km away), or in the direction of Tannay. And believe us, this walk is worth the diversions. The proximity of the water and the dominance of the stone attract walkers every season.

On the other hand, on leaving the estate, on the left, there is a signposted walk around Chevroches. This is the PR 15, “the old meander of the Yonne”. This fossilised meander is a real geological curiosity and the tour is a 3km walk, between stones, water and forests.

The city of Clamecy

Clamecy is a pretty town located 4 km from the Domaine des Carriers. It is possible to get there by following the Canal du Nivernais from Chevroches.

The town’s children include Claude Tillier, author of Mon Oncle Benjamin, Romain Rolland, Alain Colas and many others.

On the other hand, it was in the 16th century that the town experienced its first period of prosperity, thanks to the invention of timber floating. The construction of the Canal du Nivernais was started in 1784 to supply the Parisians with firewood, but was not completed until 1843. This real man-made construction made it possible to float wood from the Morvan forests to Paris. And the town of Clamecy was the capital. From its rich past, the town has preserved an old town centre classified as a “protected sector”, in which you will find half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, restaurants and shops.

Things to see include the collegiate church of Saint-Martin, the Bethlehem church, the Vauvert park, the Romain Rolland museum and the port of Clamecy, which was built for the boats of the Canal du Nivernais.

For more information : clamecyhautnivernais-tourisme

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To go further…

Burgundy is a vast and resourceful region. Its heritage is priceless and recognised throughout the world. It has a lot to offer, and indeed, it has so much to offer that one sometimes gets lost in the selection of destinations to discover. It is difficult to see and do everything in a short time. But we insist! Some visits are not to be missed. Here, for the more adventurous among you, are 11 must-sees in the Côte d’Or and Saône et Loire.

The abbey of Fontenay

    21500 Montbard

The abbey of Cîteaux

    21700 Saint-Nicolas-lès-Cîteaux

La Route des Grands Crus

    From Dijon to Santenay

The city of Dijon

    21000 Dijon

The city of Beaune

    21200 Beaune

The village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

    21150 Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

The village of Semur-en-Auxois

    21140 Semur-en-Auxois

The abbey of Cluny

    Rue du 11 Août 1944, 71250 Cluny

The Rock of Solutré

    71960 Solutré-Pouilly

The village of Châteauneuf

    21320 Châteauneuf

The castle of Bussy-Rabutin

    12 Rue du Château, 21150 Bussy-le-Grand

The abbey of Fontenay ©

Semur-en-Auxois ©

The rock of Solutré ©