Services & Activities

Offered by Le Domaine Des Carriers

Wellness Massage and Reiki Treatment

Take advantage of your stay at the Domaine des Carriers to benefit from rejuvenating and revitalising massages. You will find yourself in the delicate and diligent hands of Laetitia, Reiki practitioner and therapeutic masseuse, who offers two formulas that harmonise heart, body and mind:

Wellness massage

A complete massage with oils from head to toe, for a deep and lasting relaxation. The well being massage will give you a moment of pure softness, and will be perfectly adapted to your body’s needs.

1h00 — €70


Enjoy an energetic treatment that brings release and serenity. This precious moment calms the mind and revitalizes health.

1h00 — €60

Laetitia Rolland, Reiki Practitioner, therapeutic masseuse for wellness, performs massages in guest rooms and gites. By booking a moment of relaxation, you authorise Laetitia to enter your accommodation and install her equipment.

Reserve your moment of well-being now at the reception desk, or by contacting us on 03 86 28 49 52.

Wine tasting

Are you looking to have a great time with your family and friends? We have just what you need. We offer wine tastings on site in our magnificent vaulted cellar, an emblematic place of our French wine heritage.

We can also prepare tastings in our spacious breakfast room or, in fine weather, inside the Pool House by the pool.

Luc Le Métayer, our collaborating wine merchant and humble enthusiast, will invite you to discover different terroirs: great still or sparkling wines at affordable prices, red, rosé and white wines based on the best grape varieties of Burgundy, and a wide choice of crémants and champagnes from the great houses.


And for beer lovers, Luc will also suggest craft beers from local producers

Prices are on request
Book your tasting now at the reception desk, or by contacting us on 03 86 28 49 52.
“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation”

Bike rental

Discover our beautiful region of Burgundy by bike. Ride through the forests, along the Canal du Nivernais, through villages of character such as Chevroches, Vézelay or Clamecy: Opt for a slow tourism on two wheels! It will be an opportunity for you to travel through a territory that has remained authentic and natural. Thierry, our partner bike hire company, offers on-site delivery of mountain bikes, electrically assisted bikes and normal bikes for a guaranteed experience, to try out with family or friends.

We have the Accueil Vélo label !

The bike room: Park your bikes in complete peace of mind in our bike room. A covered bicycle shed is also available in the courtyard of the domain, which is closed and secured. If necessary, you will find a pump and small repair equipment on site.

Bike rental with us

€10 per bike and per person

Bicycle rental with our partner

half day : €25 for MTB / EAB and €15 for normal
Day: €40 MTB / EAB and €25 for normal

Reserve your bike now at the reception, or by contacting us on 03 86 28 49 52.

Donkey rides

Which adventure is right for you?

Didier Martin, our partner, will take you on a donkey ride or a carriage ride with two Bourbonnais horses. He will explain to you that the donkey is an exceptional hiker, whose gentleness makes it an ideal companion for young and old alike!

This is an opportunity to introduce children to this fantastic animal during a walk in the countryside. You will cross the magnificent bocage of the Val du Sauzay, passing by the sumptuous castle of Corbelin. For a moment, enjoy a joyful escapade between fields, paths and hills. The donkey rides are on average 5km long but can be adjusted to suit your wishes.

Carriage rides usually last 1 hour and are available for up to 4 people


Donkey ride


Horse-drawn carriage ride


Book your walk now at the reception, or by contacting us on 03 86 28 49 52.

Hot-air balloon flights

What can you say about hot-air balloon flights over Vézelay, one of France’s most beautiful villages?

Take to the skies and recharge your batteries. You leave your everyday life behind and admire the charming Vézelay valley in peace. Flying in a hot-air balloon is an hour of pure happiness, intense relaxation and absolute calm. Early in the morning, you can admire nature as it wakes up. In the evening, the sunset illuminates the valley. For just a moment, let yourself be carried away by this colourful journey, which will leave you with a sense of wonder and delicacy. The gondola rises gently into the sky, following the wind, until it reaches a level high enough to contemplate Vézelay, perched on the eternal hill, the basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine and the surrounding area at 360°.

You’ll rarely enjoy a moment as tasty as this one. Resourcing and fun guaranteed!

For all bookings, please provide your full name, weight, telephone number and e-mail address. Hot-air balloon flights may be cancelled in the event of adverse weather conditions. A pilot in Vézelay will confirm by telephone and e-mail whether or not the flight will take place, depending on the weather conditions, at around 1pm for an evening flight and at 1pm the day before the flight for a morning flight. Please note that the meeting time with our team in Vézelay is 06:00/06:30 in the morning and 19:30 for evening flights, until the end of August.

Times will change according to sunrise and sunset. The total service lasts around 3? hours, including one hour of actual flying time. Flights take place every day from April to the end of October.


Children’s ticket from 6 to 12 years


Adult weekly ticket

(Monday to Friday)

Adult ticket 7/7 days

(including weekends and public holidays)

Duo ticket 7/7 days

(including weekends and public holidays)

Book your hot-air balloon flight now at reception, or by calling us on 03 86 28 49 52.